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Polymer Protects Cylinder Rods

A company specializing in hard-chroming and hydraulic repairs in Queensland, Australia, has used the Micro Tuff™ polymer-impregnation process to extend the life of chrome-plated cylinder-rod surfaces that have to perform in harsh, corrosive environments.

The Micro Tuff™ process fills micro cracks and porosity in plated (and non-plated) metallic surface with polymer. Corrosive elements such as salt and chlorides cannot penetrate the structure of the bonded polymer. As a result, corrosion protection with Micro Tuff™ typically increases on the order of 100X. In addition, the Micro Tuff™ surface is much smoother, with increased lubricity that manifests itself as a non-stick characteristic, while it reduces friction and extends seal life.

The Micro Tuff™ polymer is applied by a process similar to polishing. No dipping tanks and vacuum chambers are required. Unlike Teflon™ coating or silicon sprays, Micro Tuff™ impregnation does not affect the dimensions of the piece- which is particularly important for cylinder rods. Micro Tuff™ has been successfully applied to hard chromium, nickel, stainless steel, and even thermal-sprayed surfaces.


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